iconDiskInternals Linux Recovery

DiskInternals Linux Recovery is a handy freeware tool that can recover files from Linux ext2 and ext3 partitions under Microsoft Windows.

screenshotDiskInternals Linux Recovery has the same Windows Explorer interface as our Microsoft Windows data recovery tools, and provides a familiar and easily understood tool for restoring lost data from Linux partitions.

A particular benefit of DiskInternals Linux Recovery is the preview option which allows you to view thumbnails of many types of file.

DiskInternals Linux Recovery can also repair a corrupted or damaged partition table in order to restore access to inaccessible Linux partitions.

As with all the DiskInternals Windows data recovery tools, Linux Recovery can create images of a drive, and then mount them and perform recovery operations just like a regular disk.

If you have been dual-booting Windows and Linux, and corrupted your Linux partition, or deleted it without saving important files, you'll find Linux Recovery a life-saver.

Download Linux Recovery now - it's FREE!